Berry Law Group is an Arizona trial practice law firm. It does NOT represent clients in debt renegotiations or consumer credit card relief matters. If any person or entity represents to you that Berry Law Group provides debt or credit card relief services, please immediately report that incident to the Federal Trade Commission, reference numbers 117677187 and 119948326.

Practice Philosophy

Businesses and governments will have litigation expenses and attorneys fees, but they should be predictable, controlled, and properly budgeted. Today, more than ever, businesses need operating cash, and governments have to operate within tight budgets, yet the cost of litigation has grown absurdly high. We tailor our approach to every matter to fit the financial needs of the client and the cost to benefit realities of the situation. We believe we provide better, more flexible, and more responsive representation at a fraction of the cost of large commercial law firms, and at reasonable attorney billing rates.

We emphasize effective and aggressive discovery, hands on fact finding, witness development, and evidence gathering and preservation. We do not engage in wasteful discovery or motion practice. We develop facts and trial issues early, understand what we have to prove and disprove, and stay driven yet flexible in how we accomplish our case objectives. We use effective trial presentation software in all of our trials.