Berry Law Group is an Arizona trial practice law firm. It does NOT represent clients in debt renegotiations or consumer credit card relief matters. If any person or entity represents to you that Berry Law Group provides debt or credit card relief services, please immediately report that incident to the Federal Trade Commission, reference numbers 117677187 and 119948326.

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Practice Areas

Berry Law Group is a litigation and dispute resolution firm that handles matters from the outset of the dispute through trial, mediation, arbitration, or appeal. We have bench and jury trial experience in state and federal courts throughout Arizona and in other parts of the southwest.  We regularly handle adversary matters in bankruptcy court. We also represent clients in contested matters before administrative agencies.  We generally do not handle business transactions, nor do we advise clients in areas of the law outside of existing or potential litigation. We are experienced acting as local counsel, and we are able to work collaboratively with out of state law firms that have litigation in Arizona.

Our commercial litigation practice areas include: business and complex commercial litigation; trade secret and unfair competition matters; financial fraud and business torts; employment litigation including non-compete and non-solicitation; real estate litigation, including land use and development disputes, commercial landlord-tenant, forcible entry and detainer, professional liability and malpractice; construction contract and lien litigation; franchise disputes; agricultural litigation and disputes including damage to crops and agricultural debtor-creditor matters; environmental litigation including Clean Water Act and contested regulatory enforcement actions.  We also represent clients in contested state administrative matters including actions before the Department of Gaming, the Boards of Medical and Dental Examiners, and the Department of Environmental Quality.

Our tort and municipal liability experience includes:  personal injury and wrongful death litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants; civil rights and municipal liability involving police and detention officers, transportation security officers, and emergency medical services personnel; and premises and delivery driver liability defense for restaurants and restaurant chains.